Summer Technical Training
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    360 Futsal | Training Schedule

    360 Futsal Currently Offers 4 Types of Training

    Phase I | Toca Training | More Information

    Toca training is the first development phase of the 360 Futsal Program. In Portuguese, the word "tocar" translates into Touch. For any Soccer or Futsal player, their individual touch and skill are critical to their long-term development. The hour-long class focus on "Learning how to Play Futsal" by establishing routine drills and introduction rules/play to the sport.

    Phase II | Joga Training | More Information

    Joga Training program is the second phase of the 360 Futsal Program. In Portuguese, the word, "jogar" /ʒo'ɡaɾ/, translates into play. After an athlete discovers their touch, the next phase of their development focuses into applying their skills into a technical play environment, teaching offensive and defensive principles. The class is 90 minutes and includes skill, play and competition.

    Phase III | TFSA Training | More Information

    The Teaching Futsal Soccer Approach (TFSA) is a program that integrates an athlete's futsal-soccer goals and maximizes their development by coordinating with the various competitive seasons. 360 Futsal believes this is the stage that is critical to an athlete feeling burnout. The demands of school, social and soccer schedules puts unbalanced pressure on players. Each season, the program has specific goals and training patterns to re-enforce the balance of the youth athlete's life. This program is an approach that Coach Leone utilized to prepare and develop as a player during his offseasons.

    Phase IV | Showcase Training | More Information

    The Summer Showcase Program is a an off-season training program that is designed to develop the technical and athletic skills of the soccer player during the summer months. This will be for experienced soccer players that will incorporate futsal, plyometric workouts, and lots of small-sided games. This will be a high intesity program that will prepare athletes for college soccer.

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